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Xecutive Solutions Network is a consulting company based on the network of experienced strategy, operations and IT consultants with several years of proven track record at the most prestigious boutique strategy consulting firms worldwide.

Our mission is to help leading corporations create and sustain competitive advantage and to create tangible results by combining international and local consulting experience.

The fundamentals of our work are:

  • generate visibility into what drives value creation and competitive advantage in our clients' businesses and the economy as a whole,
  • work closely with clients to convert our findings into concepts and strategies, whose implementation will have a substantial positive value on bottom-line performance,
  • deliver value consistently based on general business knowledge, know-how, and industry expertise. The delivered value earns the trust that is the foundation of lasting relationships.

We inspire enterprising and imaginative people, translate ideas into value creating processes on a significantly lower cost level compared to benchmark strategy and top management consulting firms. We have an extended network of experienced strategy and operations consultants.

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