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  • Development of innovation management and product/portfolio management for a leading West-European telecom operator.
  • Strategy development for a UMTS application development center and UMTS roll-out organization development for major German mobile solution provider.
  • Sales strategy development for a Portuguese new entrant.
  • Sales organization efficiency development for the major Hungarian telecom operator.
  • Competitor strategy benchmarking for a major German UMTS solution provider.
  • Location search for a Spanish UMTS mobile operator within Germany.
  • Incident management IT concept & business process elaboration for a large Hungarian mobile operator.
  • Field Service Assessment - benchmarking analysis of field service units between the leading Hungarian fix-and mobile telecommunications providers.
  • Business process redesign (BPR) for the largest Hungarian fixed line telecom company.
  • Restructuring for a German GSM-, and "smart card" integrator in Germany.
  • Development of the bidding strategy for a leading Romanian ISP for a national telecommunication licence.


  • Transition management of selected Billing applications / projects from Germany to Hungary for the leading German telecommunications & IT firm, development of the Hungarian competence / delivery center.
  • Development of Application Management Services for mailing applications for the leading German telecommunications & IT firm.
  • Development and marketing of a financial claim management solution for for the leading German telecommunications & IT firm.
  • Development of a managed documentation / archiving service for for the leading German telecommunications & IT firm.
  • Nearshore Billing system and process elaboration for for the leading German telecommunications & IT firm.
  • Outsourcing strategy development for a leading French IT services provider in Germany.
  • Evaluation of introducing electronic archiving services to the Hungarian market.
  • Study on e-commerce and e-payment solutions.

Energy & Utilities

  • Bottom-line and efficiency improvement based on Activity Based Costing at a major energy utility.
  • Interactive Management Audit and motivation system development at major energy companies.
  • Post-merger integration for a large German gas utility company acquiring the major Hungarian gas wholesale / trading / storage company.
  • Restructuring, cost reduction and development of group level Shared Service Center at a Hungarian energy firm.
  • Diversification strategy and BSC development for major utility company.

Bank & Insurance

  • Cost reduction and efficiency improvement at the headquarter of a major Hungarian insurance provider.
  • Development of group level treasury strategy for a leading Central-European Bank.
  • Efficiency improvement audit and cost cutting for pension fund and leading international insurance companies.
  • Business Process Design and efficiency improvement in marketing and sales at a Hungarian bank.


  • Distribution strategy for a major local brewing company.
  • Competitor benchmarking for a major supermarket chain.
  • Development of the global diversification strategy of the leading Austrian sugar producer group.
  • Supply Chain Business Process Analysis at a leading Hungarian food producer.
  • Interim Management at the Hungarian branch of an Austrian food producer.


  • Development of a global marketing and sales strategy for a German electronic enterprise in Austria.
  • Restructured and implemented cost reduction measures at the Hungarian subsidiary of a major European Electric Equipment Supplier.
  • Location search for a global PC manufacturer in Hungary.
  • BPR, efficiency improvment and the elaboration of a new HR system at a major Austrian firm.
  • Location search in Central-Eastern Europe and support of the greenfield investment for a major US electronics manufacturer in Hungary.

Industry / Public Administration

  • Post-merger cost reduction and efficiency improvement at a Slovak plant of a Dutch paper manufacturer.
  • Development of sales and marketing strategy for a large Hungarian holding enterprise.
  • Development of a new business planning and controlling system for a large Hungarian holding enterprise.
  • IT related organizational development in local hospitals.
  • Brand strategy development for a worldwide leading pharmaceutical product in Germany.
  • Group strategy development for the largest Hungarian automotive holding.
  • Cost reduction, sourcing optimization and elaboration of a new HR & motivation system for a Hungarian environment management firm.
  • Go-to-market strategy elaboration for a leading Hungarian newspaper printing firm.


  • Benchmarking of 11 European railway operators for a Hungarian railway operator.
  • Benchmarking of the investment organization for a major railway operator.
  • Development of internal SLA system for a major Austrian - Hungarian railway company.
  • European benchmark of airport charges, taxes and ground handling costs, expansion strategy for airlines.
  • Airport and ground handling strategy elaboration at international airport, transformation of air navigation service provider.


  • M&A related due diligence and management audit at a Hungarian logistics company.
  • Sell side mandate and valuation from a holding.




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